Chiang Mai Mushroom House: A Place for Tremendous Growth

Growth can take on many meanings. It can mean trying something different. It can mean an emerging business. It can mean a flourishing harvest. It can mean a heightened sense of self-worth. For AKP’s newest project — Thailand, Chiang Mai Mushroom House — growth encompasses all of the above.

Working with the Wildflower Home, a safe home for mothers and their children in crisis situations, AKP has provided support to construct a mushroom house with 4,000 oyster mushroom spawn bags to get the farm started. Thailand, Chiang Mai Mushroom House will teach project management, mushroom farming, and financial planning — skills that will equip these women for future success after they leave Wildflower Home. In addition to the mushrooms providing nutrition to a vulnerable population, revenue generated from mushroom sales will provide an income for these mothers, additional financial support of the Wildflower Home, and capital to purchase more spawn bags to sustain the farm. 20% of the mushrooms supply healthy food for the women and children, and the other 80% are sold for cash income.

Since the project started in January 2017, the mushrooms have already begun to sprout.  AKP looks forward to bringing you updates on Thailand, Chiang Mai Mushroom House as it continues to flourish and inspire continued growth.

Mushroom spawn bags at Chiang Mai Mushroom House

The first mushrooms begin to sprout in March 2017

Close-up of mushroom spawn bags

Construction plans for Mushroom House