Give a meaningful gift that will improve the lives and livelihoods of many.

AKP Giving eCards work like conventional gift cards, but with one meaningful exception – recipients “spend” Giving eCards by choosing AKP projects to support with the gifted donation funds.

How the AKP Giving eCard Works

The Purchaser

The purchaser has the ability to decide on the amount that he/she wishes to donate. This donation is 100% tax deductible for the purchaser, at the time of the purchase. The purchaser will receive a tax receipt for the donation.

The Giving eCard

Once a Giving eCard is purchased, AKP will send the purchaser a tax receipt and Giving eCard, along with detailed instructions on how the recipient can redeem the Giving eCard.

Each Giving eCard includes the value of the donation, a unique Giving eCard redemption code, and expiration date. The eCard will be emailed to the purchaser in PDF format. The purchaser is responsible for sending the Giving eCard to the recipient.

The Recipient

The recipient of the Giving eCard may designate the donation funds to the AKP project(s) of his/her choosing from AKP’s list of projects on Up to 3 projects may be selected. Giving eCards can be redeemed by filling out the online Giving eCard form or by calling our AKP offices at 1-800-554-7016.

AKP has a list of more than 30 projects on 7 continents. Each project is focused on at least one of AKP’s mission pillars: Health, Education, Conservation, and Community Enterprise. They cover a broad range, with something meaningful for everyone.

The recipient has until the last day of the month, one year from the purchase date to decide where to designate the Giving eCard donation. For instance, if a Giving eCard is purchased on September 9, 2017, the recipient has until the September 30, 2018 to redeem the Giving eCard. After the valid Giving eCard time period expires, the funds will be applied to areas of greatest need under AKP’s discretion.

Interested in learning more about what your gift can support? Click here for a list of items that can be funded with your donation.