Access to safe water recently delivered to
nearly 18,000 bordering Serengeti in Tanzania

Millions of people suffer from infectious disease, malnutrition and health complications simply because they do not have access to clean water. Partnering with LifeStraw, AKP provides clean drinking water to schools and communities in India, Kenya, Myanmar, Tanzania and Vietnam. The LifeStraw Community filter, a high-volume water purifier, converts contaminated water into safe drinking water by removing a minimum of 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and parasites.

In the last month, our Tanzania AKP coordinator has been working hard delivering LifeStraw water filters around the Serengeti National Park. Poor road conditions made delivery challenging, but with help from A&K drivers, we have provided 40 additional schools with a total of 177 community filters.

Once this delivery project is completed, we will be providing clean water to more than 80,000 students in five countries. We are deeply grateful to all the drivers and those who have supported this effort.