A&K guests contribute to climate change research

© James McClintock

“After a career working as a marine biologist in Antarctica, I’ve come to love this amazing continent for its grandeur, its wildlife and for its capacity to change the visitor,” climate change expert and Antarctic researcher Dr. James McClintock said in an interview with AKP.

“Those who experience Antarctica return ambassadors to this beautiful continent and have had an opportunity to see major changes in the environment that speak to addressing global climate change all around the planet.”

Dr. McClintock is the lead lecturer on board A&K’s Antarctic Cruise Adventure and a University of Alabama professor of polar and marine biology. He spends two to three months a year visiting and researching at Palmer Station, a U.S. research station on Anvers Island in Antarctica.

A portion of the cost of each Antarctic Cruise Adventure fare goes toward AKP’s Antarctica Climate Change Project, which provides Dr. McClintock with resources and funding for the purchase of a piece of equipment that climate change scientists need for their research working out of Palmer Station. Typically, the scientists on board will accept the gift and give the guests a presentation on how the equipment will be used in their research.

“This has been a very rewarding program, not only for the scientists themselves, but the wonder and the excitement of the guests who see how this equipment is going to further very important research and that they had a hand in it,” Dr. McClintock said.