AKP assists with relief efforts
following earthquake in Morocco

Tents are erected in the village of Amerzgan to provide emergency housing to those whose homes are damaged or destroyed.

On Friday, September 8, 11 PM local time, a 6.8-magnitude earthquake shook Morocco. The epicenter was in the High Atlas Mountains, approximately 43.5 mi (70 km) southwest of Marrakesh. A 4.9-magnitude aftershock followed just 20 minutes later. In total, at least 2,900 people have died, with more than 5,500 injured and at least 50,000 without homes.

The quake’s epicenter was in a remote area of the High Atlas Mountains. Nearby villages in this mountainous region experienced the most significant devastation, damage to buildings and infrastructure, and human losses. Government authorities and many organizations responded very quickly and efficiently, carrying out relief efforts and providing aid. Abercrombie & Kent Morocco and Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy have joined those relief efforts.

A&K Morocco moved into action immediately after the earthquake. Once the office knew guests and staff were safe, six vehicles were loaded with water, essential food items and blankets, and a convoy was organized to reach one of the impacted villages. Coordinating with local authorities, they delivered the supplies in the Amizmiz Region to about 200 families in three different remote villages near the epicenter of the earthquake.

The same evening, A&K Morocco co-financed with one of their camp suppliers to set up tents as the first emergency shelter in the village of Talat N’Yaaquod, high up in the mountain closer to the epicenter.

Most recently, in conjunction with the local authorities, A&K Morocco launched two convoys delivering the tents normally used for camps in remote areas. One convoy went to an area near Amizmiz and another to Tinmel. Tents were erected in the villages of Assoul, Amerzgan, Tazalt and Taferghoust, as close as 1.25 mi (2 km) from the epicenter. Even if small, this area will need more help to get through the coming winter.

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