AKP Education Support: Recent Highlights

One of Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy’s four pillars is education, and we partner with schools in many of the places A&K sends guests as a way to improve the lives and livelihoods of those communities. Recently, with the help of A&K guest donations, AKP has undertaken three education projects: at Ilboru School in Arusha, Tanzania, at Olopikidongoe School in the Masai Mara, Kenya, and at Nakatindi School in Zambia.

Ilboru Secondary School for Deaf & Disabled Children

Though the Ilboru Primary School is large, it once lacked the necessary facilities to accommodate children with hearing, mental, or physical disabilities. Eight years ago, AKP helped the special needs unit at the school expand from teaching two children in a storeroom to educating many children in three classrooms specially designed to meet the needs of deaf and disabled children. Those graduating from the primary school were returned to the mainstream classrooms. Without further specialized instruction, dropout rates were abysmal. AKP has stepped in once again to construct a secondary school for these students. The project is still in full swing with AKP Coordinator Peter Pascal on the ground managing with great success.

Olopikidongoe School Girls Showers & Bathroom

Olopikidongoe Primary & Boarding School is considered to be among the best boarding school in the Masai Mara, with some of the brightest children from the entire area enrolled. Many of the girls who attend are there to avoid the traditional early marriage that has been a Maasai practice for generations. The school had a need for a girls shower and bathroom facility, so AKP funded the construction including new water system, toilets, drainage, showers, and sinks. AKP Coordinator Sarah Liaram worked closely with Sanctuary lodge managers to ensure quality construction practices. We are excited to say the project has recently been completed and is now in use by the girls. A similar projects is due to be launched for the boys at the school.

Nakatindi School Textbooks

At the Nakatindi School in Zambia, an AKP donor has made a huge educational impact by providing new textbooks for the students. Previously the school was using outdated textbooks with an average of one book per seven or eight children. The new textbooks will allow the students to follow the latest Zambian syllabus, and, with an average of one book for every three students, the children will have greater access to the books. Camilla Rhodes, AKP Coordinator in Zambia, shared with us how excited the school management was to receive these new books.

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