AKP School Feeding Program

Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Peru and Zambia

AKP Project Since 2008



AKP provides school children a daily lunch


Every mother knows that a child with an empty belly cannot learn. Across the world, a huge number of families living in remote areas of the country are unable to feed their children three, or even two, meals a day. Often, children are sent to school with nothing more than a cup of tea for breakfast. This means that children are frequently unable to concentrate in classes and are severely malnourished, which leads to slower brain development.

Together with our donors, AKP is tackling this problem by providing daily lunches—for an average of just $0.21 per meal, with protein—in the following locations:

The schools that have feeding programs in place have seen a significant increase in the children’s ability to concentrate in the afternoon, higher performance in school exams, elevated school ranking, and greater student retention. Indeed, when the word gets out that a school has established a school lunch program, the schools have seen major increases in school enrollment.

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