AKP-supported rural Kenyan school earns
awards for academic excellence

Sometimes, a lunch can make all the difference in the world. AKP built a kitchen and began a lunch program at Partakilat School less than two years ago, while also supporting the construction of a classroom and perimeter fence, general repairs and maintenance, and the Safe Water for Schools Initiative.

Within one year, the school scored the highest on the National Examinations in their district. Since AKP began supporting Partakilat School, there has been a significant improvement in attendance and the level of education the students are receiving. It has become the best public school in the Transmara Region.
Partakilat School is located on the edge of the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, a short drive from Sanctuary Olonana.

The school consists of 577 students and 27 teachers and support staff—all of whom are receiving lunch and clean water daily, thanks to AKP.

In March 2022, the school participated in Kenya’s National Examination for the first time. Out of 45 candidates, 44 students scored above average; all were admitted into public government schools across the country.

This is a fantastic reminder of the difference we can make in the most rural school environment. Imagine if we could touch every rural school close to where our guests travel. … We’re working to get there.