AKP’s New Project in Egypt Preserves the Built Heritage of Cairo

EGYPT | Once a flourishing community, only a handful of Egyptian Jews, mostly elderly, remain in the Arab world’s most populous country. Egypt still has a dozen synagogues, but like many of the country’s monuments they need restoration. AKP is working with the last remaining members of the Jewish community, along with a preservation committee based in Cairo, to protect a culture that soon will be lost if immediate actions are not taken.

Magda Haroun at one of the remaining synagogues left in Cairo.

In June, Magda Haroun, one of the last remaining members of the Jewish community in Cairo, visited A&K USA for a special presentation. She and colleagues spoke about efforts underway to preserve and restore Egypt’s rich Jewish heritage and the promotion of interfaith understanding. With AKP support, plans include restoration of synagogues and historical artifacts, the creation of a museum, as well as implementation of an educational program with emphasis on religious tolerance and acceptance of cultural heritage.

The project is in a location that A&K guests visit and can be easily navigated by visitors of all physical abilities. Guests will be captivated by the compelling story and the meaningful work that a small community of individuals is doing to preserve centuries of cultural legacy for future generations.

To learn more about the project, we encourage you to watch the following short video clips that will provide context on the critical work that AKP is now involved with in Egypt: