Building Two New Classroom
Blocks in Cambodia

A sign with project renderings and AKP’s logo is displayed in front of the construction site.

This year, AKP is expanding educational opportunities in rural Cambodia with the construction of new classroom blocks at two schools.

Nearly half of school-aged children in Cambodia do not attend school; while those who do are often crammed into tiny classrooms. Overcrowding leads to morning and afternoon shifts for two sets of children, creating a burdensome and disruptive schedule for students, teachers and families.

Construction has already begun at Kok Chan Primary School, which serves 328 students. With the help of a grant from Travel Elevates, the nonprofit charitable arm of Signature Travel Network, AKP is funding the classroom block, which will allow the school to serve children during one consistent schedule, providing a more stable educational environment.

Tapang Primary School is one of the locations where AKP has previously paid for infrastructure improvements. A guest who visited last year has offered to pay for an additional six-classroom block at the school, which serves more than 500 students.