Chicago teens learn about tourism industry
firsthand on journey to the west

AKP became more involved in helping local U.S. communities by launching the Journey to the West program with the Boys & Girls Club of Chicago (BGCC) in 2021. The primary purpose of this partnership is to provide these young people with an introduction to A&K and the tourism industry as well as a two-week exposure to lives and livelihoods of those living and working in the western U.S. During this trip participants had a wide array of experiences, many of which are unique to the western landscape.

Earlier this month, 22 young adults and BGCC staff traveled to Jackson, Wyoming, where they stayed for nine days at Teton Science Schools. The young adults participated in workshops and learned about various professions, including hospitality, photography, snowboarding and farming. They also hiked and explored the Grand Teton National Park, swung through the air on a ropes course, attended a rodeo, coursed down the Snake River on rafts and more.