CureCervicalCancer Training Conducted in Uganda

By Dennis, AKP Uganda Coordinator

UGANDA | Cervical cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among women in Uganda, just like in many other countries of the world. In Uganda, screening is erratic, opportunistic, and in some places absent due to a lack of resources or lack of financial commitment. Efforts to organize an effective cervical cancer screening and treatment program requires adequate financial resources, trainings and needed manpower.

AKP and Sanctuary Retreats, through a collaborative partnership with Cure Cervical Cancer, Bwindi Community and Kambuga Hospitals, organized a specialized training for local healthcare professionals and community health workers, so that they can continue to provide life-saving services to the women in their communities. This partnership aimed to achieve sustainability by building local capacity and leveraging the resources and expertise of local ground partners. This collaborative effort saw a total of 11 medical health care workers (midwives, nurses and doctors), and four community health workers trained on screening and provision of timely treatment in order to prevent progression to invasive cervical cancer.

A total of 263 women were screened for cervical cancer in both Bwindi and Kambuga Hospitals by the trained medical care staff under supervision of the CCC team. Of the total number screened 12 (5%) were found to be positive with pre-cancerous cells and provided with free treatment. One patient was referred to the Uganda Cancer Institute for further management. Two thermal ablation devices as well as other machines and related equipment were donated to Bwindi Community Hospital and Kambuga Hospital for continued service delivery.