Supporting the Foundation for Better Learning and Thinking in New Delhi



By: Sukeerti Raikwar | AKP India Coordinator



NEW DELHI, INDIA | A core pillar of Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy’s work is to improve on education in the areas where our guests travel.

In the metropolis of New Delhi, our literacy initiatives have extended to support a community library located in the urban slums of migrant workers and waste-pickers. The Deepalaya Community Library is free and open to all and encourages first generation readers to become lifelong readers and,
more importantly, thinkers. As the curator of the library puts it, “Community libraries bring reading and literature to areas where books are hard to come by. At a time when rote learning, obtaining high marks, and a career-centered approach to education are encouraged, these libraries provide a space for children to think, question and evolve.”

Funded by AKP, the Honor Roll Program celebrates library members aged 18 and younger as they achieve milestones in their reading journey.

Today, more than 900 children benefit from Deepalaya’s Community Library, its reading programs, as well as its other activities.

AKP and our A&K guests have been supporting Deepalaya school since 2000 through student sponsorship and now our support has extended to a
movement that is developing logical thinking among children.

A&K guests have opportunity to visit Deepalaya school and the community library, interact with teachers, students, the curator of the library and
members of the student council. The visit can be scheduled in the morning and can also be combined with a sightseeing of New Delhi tour.