Empowering entrepreneurs and organizations
within Brazil’s favela community

AKP recently received a generous donation to support Favela Inc, a Brazilian non-governmental organization (NGO) that incubates and accelerates a favela-based ecosystem by empowering and educating local entrepreneurs and organizations into the game changers of tomorrow. Favela is a term for working-class neighborhoods in Brazil and often means slum or ghetto. The donation will help the organization work toward the following goals:

  • Increase monthly users at co-working space Hub de lnovação, which provides community leaders, NGOs, entrepreneurs and projects with access to quality equipment, technology, structure and training.
  • 5% yearly increase of social organizations registered with Vision Initiative, which aims to give visibility to the vulnerable population of Rio’s communities, hidden on the tops of the hills and invisible to the eyes of even those who want to help.
  • Create a new methodology for the Incubação program, which selects projects from favela innovators and identifies the barriers that hinder the development and sustainability of local organizations.