Experiencing the Restoration of a World Treasure in Florence

ITALY | The Chapel of Giambologna is an artistic gem from the Renaissance period and the final resting place of famous Renaissance sculptor Giambologna. This AKP-supported project is also a popular experience for guests interested in art and history.

The Chapel forms part of the Basilica of Santissima Annunziata in Florence, where for centuries worship, spirituality and culture have established a permanent link. The Chapel today remains entirely as it stood more than 500 years ago without having undergone any re-styling or renovations of any kind. Those years are now catching up with the Chapel and sympathetic restoration work is essential before further natural decay occurs. AKP’s partnership assists in funding the restoration of the Chapel, a sacred space important not only for its artistic and cultural heritage, but for what it represents for the city, for its people, for faith.

Visiting The Chapel of Giambologna
A&K guests are able to visit the Chapel on an exclusive private basis. The visit is always subject to availability as it needs to be coordinated with parties involved in the restoration work. The Chapel is otherwise closed to the public while the restoration is in progress. Recently, a guest traveling on a Tailor Made journey said this about the experience:
“We visited an A&K project restoring a chapel in a church in Florence. I wasn’t sure how I was going to like it but it really was one of the highlights of an amazing trip. We were shown into a church that was closed at the time and got a behind the scenes tour of the church with no one else present. It was amazing to get out of the crowds and be able to see a fantastic church and this restoration project in total silence other than our discussion.”

Details of items to be restored in the chapel