Galápagos Infinito


AKP Project Since 2023



AKP supports experiential education in Galápagos with Naveducando Foundation


Even though they live in the middle of the ocean, Galápagos children often do not have access to the sea.

Abercrombie & Kent is expert at delivering the highest quality experiences with the world's best guides. AKP is leveraging our expertise to ensure that students that live in close proximity to this world-class resource have the same opportunity to learn from all the unique island has to offer.

In partnership with the Naveducando Foundation, the Galápagos Infinito program is bringing a five-day “floating classroom” experience to seventh-graders from the Galápagos Islands.

During their time “off the grid,” the children are immersed in an outdoor environment and learn about the natural world and how to safeguard it. The students experience lessons about wildlife, ecology, geology, history, conservation, sustainability and more. They are taught to keep a safe and respectful distance from endemic species while they learn about biodiversity and why it is important.

The students also learn about personal responsibility and sustainable choices by working together to collect trash on island beaches. Additionally, they learn directly from the boat’s captain, crew and guides about their jobs and the skills and experience needed to accomplish their work.

These students return home transformed. Each year, a few students are nominated for the program based on their academics. With AKP’s support, Naveducando is working to make the free program accessible to all seventh graders in the Galápagos.

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During a visit to the Galápagos, guests will have an opportunity to interact with children who are paricipating in Naveducando's Galápagos Infinito program. Contact our offices in Australia, the UK or the USA for assistance in creating an itinerary just for you.