Getting to Know Shex, AKP Botswana Coordinator

Sehenyi “Shex” Tlotlego manages our philanthropic initiatives in Botswana. Shex has been in this role since February 2016.

 Q & A: Getting to Know Shex, AKP Botswana Coordinator

What experiences led you to becoming an AKP Coordinator?

The love for the bush and rural life from birth – and how I was brought up. I was born and bred in the Okavango Delta. I have been a part of the utilization and conservation of resources in northern Botswana since I was a child. Growing up, I trained as an environmental management practitioner at the University of Botswana, but then spent most of my life working for social and environmental non-for-profit organizations. The remainder of my time has been in the tourism industry where I held various safari management positions, including handling social corporate responsibilities.

What does philanthropy mean to you?

I think genuinely becoming part of a long term positive change, and making a meaningful difference in people’s lives or becoming part of an environmental solution.

What’s the best part about being an AKP Coordinator?

AKP provides real long-term answers to real problems on the ground. Our programs are not driven by policy or the need to satisfy licensing requirements by government. We thoroughly investigate and select deep rooted problems around which solutions are developed by ourselves, without any external influence. The implementation is also long-term with clear exit strategies to ensure sustainability. I love that.

What is your favorite project/place you like to take A&K guests?

Certainly, the rhino reintroduction and monitoring project in northern Botswana. I enjoy getting guests to understand and appreciate the fact that in 1992, both black and white rhinos were literally locally extinct in the wild in Botswana, and that now because of this project guests have an 85% chance of seeing some rhino on game drives.

Shex on a bike ride with some of the women from the Dipetsana Bike Shop and Keith Sproule.

What is your favorite personal AKP experience?

I am biased to Botswana for obvious reasons, but cycling through Kasane, lead by one of the five women that own Dipetsana Coop Women’s Bike Shop, is certainly my favorite. Northern Botswana is fairly flat, but Kasane has a gentle elevation that gives one an incredible view over the Chobe River. There is no other exciting way of exploring this beautiful town than on a bicycle, and under the guidance of one of the local experts.

How important is AKP project exposure for the guest experience?

Very important. Let us take Botswana as an example. My country is well known for its abundant wildlife. Guests come to Botswana initially for its wildlife because that is what we sell. However, for the many years I have been in the tourism industry, one of the comments I have received numerous times from guests has been “We have seen all the wildlife now and we are satisfied, now where are the people?” AKP closes this gap. The Kasane bike tour, for example, answers this question in a space of one hour.