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AKP helps keep girls in school by providing reusable sanitary wear

In schools throughout East Africa, girls often don’t attend school during their menstrual cycles as they simply have no access to sanitary wear — this means they miss up to 10 days of school a month.

AKP has partnered with the AKT Fund in the Masai Mara to deliver reusable sanitary pads to schools in the area. These reusable pads are made by a local women’s organization, creating employment, and each pack can be used by a girl for one year.

In addition to encouraging girls to stay in school during their menses, it encourages good self-hygiene and has a significant environmental impact as no disposable sanitary items are being used.


Social Impacts

  • Encouraging girls to stay in school as well as promote sanitary hygiene without worrying about being embarrassed during their menses.
  • Empowering women and girls to take control of their bodies
  • Providing more sustainable product compared to the disposable type.

Environmental impacts

  • Making a significant contribution to saving the environment by using Eco-friendly products.
  • Improvement of hygiene and sanitation in school environments and give the pit latrines a long life by reducing their quick fill ups.

Economic impacts

  • Enabling women feel safe from the yoke of poverty; from the little income they will earn, they are able to buy food, clothes and keep their children in school.
  • Creating local opportunities for the women in the community thus economically empowering them
Donate to This Project

For a nominal amount, you can buy a sanitary kit for a girl and enable her to attend school for the entire month and feel more confident in herself.