Hoa An Kindergarten


AKP Project Since 2018


AKP helps create a safe and inviting environment for young learners


Hoa An Kindergarten used to be the kindergarten in the village that no one wanted to send their child to. If you couldn’t afford to send your child to a different school you were stuck attending this school. Although the teacher at the school, Miss Hinh, cares about her students very much she was unable to renovate the school on her own. The school was uninviting, with worn down walls and doors and a lack of warmth needed to make the children comfortable in school. Most importantly, the school lacked a roof in the courtyard where the children play, so they were exposed to the hot sun and rain.

In 2018, AKP partnered with Hoa An Kindergarten to improve the learning environment for its students, funding the construction of a roof for the courtyard so the children can safely play outside, repairing the three main doors to the kindergarten which were heavily damaged, painting and plastering holes in the walls, providing fans and light bulbs, and painting warm pictures on the walls to create a safe and comfortable learning environment for the young learners.

Visit this Project

Meet the teacher of Hoa An Kindergarten, a local school supported by A&K Philanthropy, to chat about her teaching experience in Vietnam and to see the school renovation that has taken place at the school.

A&K guests traveling on the Cruising the Mekong small group journey can include a visit to Hoa An Kindergarten during their exploration of Hoa An village. A&K can include a visit to Hoa An Kindergarten on a Tailor Made Journey to Vietnam. Contact our offices in Australia, the UK or the USA for assistance in creating an itinerary just for you.