Support for Ilboru School Continues with New Playground

TANZANIA | In 2007, AKP funded the construction of the first primary school in Arusha, Tanzania specifically designed for children with hearing impairments, mental disabilities, or physical disabilities: the Ilboru School for Children with Special Needs. Our commitment didn’t stop there. For the past 12 years, AKP has been continually working to ensure that the children at Ilboru school have the resources needed to reach their highest potential and lead fulfilling lives.

Recognizing that play is an important part of a child’s development, AKP has committed support to building a new playground for the Ilboru school. Thanks to the generosity of A&K guests and A&K Australia, Ilboru students will soon enjoy a safe outdoor environment where they can run, climb, swing, and laugh! In March, AKP finalized installation and handover of phase 1 for Ilboru’s new playground.

AKP is managing playground construction and installation in partnership with IBES – an organization based in Arusha, whose primary focus apart from creating high quality playgrounds, is to create jobs for vulnerable youth and orphans. The wood used in the playground comes from Dunia Designs – another organization in based in Arusha, who focus on creating beautiful green timber from recycling plastic waste. AKP strives to partner with organizations causing positive ripple effects.

As you can see from the photos, the children are thrilled to have new playground equipment – and this is just phase 1! We look forward to sharing updates of more smiling faces from phase 2 of playground construction.