Innovative library shaping young minds in Uganda

Though many of us take access to books for granted, it is remarkable how transformative they can be, especially for children. Books support cognitive development, improve language skills, expand vocabularies, develop critical thinking, increase concentration, enhance imagination and creativity, and more.

At the Ebenezer School in Uganda, which AKP finished building last year, a visit to the dynamic and engaging library is the highlight of students’ days. The books are positioned to be eye-level for young children and the environment encourages creativity. The library is an important contributor to the school’s atmosphere and performance on national tests.

Having invested to help make the Ebenezer School library a model, AKP is now facilitating principals, teachers and parents from other schools to visit. The 10 primary schools where we have built kitchens and are launching lunch programs in Uganda will soon be introduced to the Ebenezer library model. AKP has expanded our commitment to purchasing appropriate book titles for schoolchildren.