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AKP helps address unemployment through community business


Jordan suffers from a high unemployment rate, officially at 15%. Those living in remote villages often do not have the transportation necessary to reach employment opportunities. To address this pressing issue, AKP sent two shipping containers, carrying more than 800 donated secondhand bikes, to Jordan in 2017. Since then, community organizers in Um Quais, Feynan, Petra, Shobak, Tafileh, and Amman have been hard at work establishing mini-enterprises – both for local benefit and for tourism purposes.

Since the bikes arrived in Jordan, there has been noticeable impact to the areas that have been selected to receive bikes. Each new shop or bike rental enterprise provides steady income and employment for up to eight people, including trained guides. These shops are also giving others the means to travel further distances for jobs, to get to their livestock, etc. Jordan also has a shortage of schools, especially secondary schools, preventing children from receiving the education they need to build a better future. With access to bikes, children in smaller villages are now able to travel to bigger towns and attend school. Learn more about AKP's worldwide Bike Shop Program.

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