Travel Bloggers from LiveShareTravel Visit Chiang Mai Mushroom House

Terry with freshly-picked mushrooms.

CHIANG MAI, THAILAND | Recently, A&K was thrilled to host Terry and Sarah from LiveShareTravel for a visit to the AKP-supported Chiang Mai Mushroom House at the Wildflower Home in Thailand. The travel bloggers learned about our program, mushroom harvesting, and how the house supports women and families in crisis situations. At the culmination of their experience, the dynamic duo participated in a friendly cooking competition using ingredients grown at the mushroom house. Terry and Sarah each cooked a dish and the children and mothers of Wildlower Home voted for their favorite dish.

Good fun was had by all. Terry and Sarah were a delight to host – and we are grateful they spent the time to experience our AKP project. If you are interested to follow their journey you can search #DiscoverThailand on Twitter or visit the LiveShareTravel Facebook page.

Check out the full video of Terry and Sarah’s Chiang Mai Mushroom House experience and find out who won the cooking competition!

A&K guests visiting Thailand now have the option to include a Chiang Mai Mushroom House cooking experience as part of their travel journey. Contact A&K for more details.

Sarah puts her cooking skills to the test using ingredients grown at the home.

Terry puts his spin on a traditional Thai recipe – while wearing a snazzy AKP apron & chef’s hat!