New Initiative in Udaipur Supports the Cause for Young Girls’ Education


By: Sukeerti Raikwar | AKP India Coordinator



UDAIPUR, INDIA | AKP, along with A&K India, is very happy to extend its philanthropic work to Udaipur and support Hansraj Children Home. It is a residential school for about 100 girls from the adjacent tribal belts of Udaipur. The home provides free education, books, residential facility, meals, clothes etc. to young girls. The girls here are semi-orphans and economic- orphans from the nearby tribal villages.

These villages are under-developed and remote areas of Rajasthan and the literacy rate is very low. The main source of income for parents is agriculture, livestock, or working at construction sites. With the average annual income of the families between $200 to $400 (USD), it becomes difficult for the families to meet necessary requirements and education of children is often neglected. Young boys are still sent to the near-by schools, however girls are
forced to stay at home either to help in the household chores or to look after the younger siblings. Through its programming, Hansraj Children Home motivates parents to send their daughters to residential schools.

AKP’s current support includes improving facilities at the school. It is sometimes difficult for children to walk the path of development without adequate facilities and resources. A comfortable learning space can have a profound impact on students and teachers.

A&K guests have opportunity to visit Hansraj Children Home in Udaipur and connect with the children and understand how their lives are improving through education. The location of the project makes it easily accessible from all hotels and can be included at the end of city tour.