A Cycle of Empowerment: Phil Kaplan Speaks to WBEZ about His Recent Travels to AKP Bike Shops

Phil Kaplan, friend of AKP and Board President of Working Bikes, recently traveled with A&K to Uganda, Botswana, and Zambia to see AKP-supported bike shops in action. Listen to Phil speak with Jerome McDonnell of WBEZ Worldview about his travels throughout Africa, meeting the women mechanics who run the bike shops, and how donated bikes can change lives. Full WBEZ interview here.

To date, the Chicago-based Working Bikes has donated more than 5,000 bikes in support of AKP enterprise bike shop initiatives – empowering communities with access to transportation. If you live in the Chicago area and are interested in donating a bike or volunteering, please visit the Working Bikes website for more details.

Phil Kaplan, Board President of Working Bikes, at the Chipego Bike Shop.

Phil shows the women of Chipego a photo of Working Bikes. Donated bikes are shipped from the Working Bikes warehouse in Chicago to the bike shop in Nakatindi Village, Zambia.

Phil meets with the Dipetsana Bike Shop women in Botswana. Working Bikes has sent Botswana 3 containers of more than 1,400 bikes.