Responding to Australia’s Bushfire Crisis

The summer bushfires have had a devastating impact on Australia, with over eight million hectares burned, dozens of lives lost, over half a billion animals impacted, and damage to the economy running into billions of dollars. Our thoughts are with all those affected by the bushfires, and with the incredible volunteers and emergency services personnel working to protect communities and habitats and to provide support and relief.

Abercrombie & Kent’s Global Response

At Abercrombie & Kent, our Australian office has joined with A&K offices around the world, working in collaboration with Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy and our Sanctuary Retreats business, to commit $100,000 (AUS) to the relief effort already, with internal fundraising efforts continuing and A&K Australia staff being encouraged to use volunteer Community Service days to provide support where possible.

We’d also like to make special mention of the inbound travel team in our Australian office, who have been working around the clock to ensure the many Abercrombie & Kent guests visiting Australia from overseas at this time of year have been kept safe and comfortable and are being looked after in inimitable A&K Australia style. We have had feedback from a number of international guests already who have told us they will never forget the indomitable spirit they encountered here in one of our most difficult hours.

If you would like to join A&K in our efforts, please consider a donation to AKP’s program to support Australia. 100% of your donation will be applied to wildlife & land restoration efforts. Donate here.