Sustainable Tourism

Respecting Local People and the Traveller, Cultural Heritage and the Environment

Abercrombie & Kent believes passionately that sustainable tourism offers the best hope for protecting endangered places and ensuring that local communities benefit from their natural heritage. Striking that win-win balance has been an inherent guiding principle of Abercrombie & Kent since its inception in 1962.

As the philanthropic arm of A&K, Abercrombie & Kent Philanthropy (AKP), together with A&K's 57 global offices, practices an innovative form of community development assistance by introducing guests to grassroots organizations making a difference in the places they visit. Notes AKP Co-Chairman, Jorie Butler Kent, "We work to reduce the impact of climate change and collaborate with the local people to educate their children and empower their communities to protect the environment, and take a proactive role in safeguarding endangered species and ecosystems."

Sustainable tourism embraces cultural heritage, environmentally sensitive operations and management, fair wages and a commitment to capacity building in destination areas, opportunities for local community input, as well as training and education opportunities that result in economic and social benefits for local communities.

"Whenever someone decides to travel with A&K," adds Jorie, "they're helping people, cultures and economies around the world prosper in sustainable ways." As they do, she notes, "they are apt to find themselves learning yet another benefit of sustainable tourism with A&K. They are thrilled to discover that they're going home with more than they gave, in the form of an experience that can't be measured in dollars and cents."