The First Babies Have Been Delivered at the Nakatindi Maternity Ward

ZAMBIA | The babies have arrived! Following on from the official handing over of the Nakatandi Maternity Ward facility to the Ministry of Health in March 2018, there were still a few last pieces of the puzzle to put in place before deliveries could officially start. In the interim the District Health Office had been offering mother and child health services to patients from the new facility, but as of Friday, April 27th maternity ward operations have been officially underway with the labor ward in operation too, marked by the arrival of two new baby boys within an hour of one another.

It was a busy Friday night (or an early Saturday morning) for the midwife on duty. Two women from the Nakatindi community delivered healthy babies. Rachel gave birth to her first child, a boy, at 00:52am, with Christabelle giving birth shortly after at 01:53am – also another boy, her second child.

This is just the start of many more healthy babies and mothers to come! We cannot be more thrilled for the new families and the Nakatindi community.

First baby born at the new maternity ward

Rachel’s family is thrilled to welcome her first baby

Christabelle and baby – the second baby born at the maternity ward

Happy & healthy baby boy