Transformative Travel & Creating a Meaningful Family Experience

Transformative Travel and Creating a Meaningful Family Experience

By Sukeerti Raikwar, AKP India Coordinator

INDIA | The travel Industry is in the midst of transformation towards equity and sustainability. Research by Tourism Cares, a travel industry non-profit, also demonstrates growing consumer interest in responsible travel and giving back. It also illustrates an industry shift to more engaged and authentic travel experiences. Affluent travelers, families, and millennials seek ‘transformative travel’ experiences that stimulate and engage.

Having a meaningful vacation does not always require a visit to an exotic locale, especially for families. Time spent together with communities in the sharing of experiences create new connections and traditions for the family. It can be eye-opening and foster curiosity and emotional growth in children. Exposure to diverse groups of people and settings can broaden a child’s horizon while offering many teachable moments.

In India, we recently organized a multi-generational trip to Deepalaya School in New Delhi. The family of six comprised of a grandmother, parents, and three children. The family participated in summer camp at the school along with the children of Deepalaya and had the opportunity to create beautiful paintings on earthen lamps. The school headmistress shared the importance of earthen lamps in Indian culture and how it is used in various Indian Festivals. The grandmother tried her hand at knitting. It was an enriching experience for the whole family and the children of Deepalaya enjoyed the wonderful cross-cultural exposure.

Interactive school visits offer authentic experiences to travelers, especially families. We are more than happy to create such authentic experiences for your guests and continue to impact lives and livelihoods in the communities where our guests travel.