New Brazil Program – Supporting Community Development in Favelas

Inside AKP Brazil

Brazil is world-known by the lush nature and beautiful landscapes, but our country has huge social contrasts and Rio de Janeiro wouldn’t be an exception. One of the biggest cities in Brazil, Rio has a huge part of its population living in favelas (slum, shanty town).

Considering that these places are always in need of any help, our Brazilian AKP project is located at Vidigal, a favela in the south zone of Rio. Between the affluent neighbourhoods of Leblon and São Conrado, the Vidigal favela is marked by a scenario of inequality, lack of resources in all segments and absence of government. Because of its location and the stunning view of the ocean, Vidigal has endured a strong process of gentrification over recent years. As a result, the inequality inside the community has increased — making the location an especially important choice to focus our philanthropy efforts.

We have a huge commitment to help people who are working to make a difference in people’s lives; the NGO that we have chosen to support is doing exactly this, helping entrepreneurs from the favela to increase and specialize their companies. These people are working in the name of the favela, helping the economy and most importantly, taking children off the streets by giving them access to activities and new perspectives on life.


Incubating Vidigal Entrepreneurs

A&K Philanthropy supports the local NGO, Favela Inc, and the work they do as an incubator inside the favela — understanding and helping a variety of projects from the favela achieve success. We believe that supporting others who are working to support social entrepreneurs is the most effective way to positively impact people’s lives — and that’s what A&K Philanthropy is doing in Rio. Favela Inc incubates and accelerates a favela-based ecosystem by empowering and educating local entrepreneurs and organizations into the game changers of tomorrow. Favela Inc helps support five projects that all benefit the local community:

Batucavidi: A percussion project for children and adolescents that brings together a passion for music with the motivation to impact lives in a positive way.

Vidigal Capoeira: A non-profit organization that teaches children and adolescents the importance of discipline and teamwork through capoeira, music and other aspects of Afro-brazilian culture.

Sitiê Eco Park: A community developed ecological park, environmental education center and garden collaboratively created through the removal of nearly 5 tons of trash.

Vidigal Beer: An authentic artisanal brewery, combining traditional manufacturing techniques with the creativity and unique taste of the favela.

Tours in Vidigal: A locally owned favela-based tourism company that seeks to breakdown negative stereotypes through authentic, adventurous cultural experiences that highlight the beauty and diversity of the community.


The AKP Guest Experience in Brazil

During a visit to the Vidigal Favela program, guests will hear inspiring life stories and meet people that are making a difference in the community where they live. Real people talking about real life and how they could do so much to change a hard reality with just a few resources.

This experience will offer passengers a stimulating visit to an ecopark located in the favela, playing percussion with the kids, meeting others who practice capoeira and also enjoying a panoramic view of Rio’s beaches from a lookout.

We are also working on a new project to support a school inside a favela, with 400 students of all ages. From infrastructure to meals for students, this school is deficient of the resources needed for its students to learn. Visitors will have the opportunity to interact with the students at the school — and learn more about how the school is working to improve learning conditions.