Vidigal Vive: Favela Program Takes Action Against COVID-19 in Brazil

“Funds from AKP helped provide us with peace of mind in a time of extreme chaos and allowed us to make decisions focused on the mid/long term stability, growth and sustainability of the organization.” — FAVELA INC

BRAZIL | In response to Brazil declaring a public health emergency, the AKP-supported Favela Inc has created Vidigal Vive, a special initiative that helps Vidigal community members navigate the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic. While Favela Inc primarily functions as an incubator of local enterprises and social impact programs, the organization has pivoted their focus to meeting the critical needs of the favelas’ resource-limited residents.

Even with the gradual re-opening of Brazil, most of the population in Vidigal have not being able to return to work or do not have the technical skills to reintegrate into a different field in the job market. Many of the local population are self-employed and have relied on the tourism industry to sustain their businesses. To address the challenges brought about by COVID-19, Vidigal Vive was created with the following goals:

  • Support the population with education to help residents reintegrate into the job market and to be able to provide for their families
  • Teach the population how to plant and harvest their own food
  • Improve communication and community awareness through social media channels so that the negative impact of COVID-19 can be minimized
  • Develop a software system that maps areas of greatest need and brings more visibility to low-income communities
  • Create a website that includes tools of transparency to communicate about program activities

As part of the program, Favela Inc has been able to distribute food and hygiene kits, as well as masks and hydrogel throughout the Vidigal community. Thanks to the combined support of AKP and Favela Inc’s partner organizations, more than 3,000 families have been assisted through emergency relief efforts organized through the Vidigal Vive program.