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Bwindi Community Hospital provides health care to the Batwa people, who are among the poorest in the world, and readies the next generation of health workers at the new nursing school.

In rural Cambodia, where 13% of all deaths are related to waterborne illnesses, AKP is constructing wells and bringing clean, bacteria-free water to families and communities.

Children of the Rainbow School supplies meals, medical care, education, and hope for deprived children in the area surrounding the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Ilboru School houses the first primary and secondary schools tailored to the needs of children with disabilities in Arusha, Tanzania.

AKP traces its roots back to the Masai Mara and continues to collaborate with the local Maasai communities to improve education, conservation, health care, and community enterprise.

Nakatindi Village, a community of 2,800 people living on the edge of wilderness has benefitted from AKP projects including a school lunch program, a health clinic, and a bike shop enterprise.

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