Happy World Toilet Day!

Today, A&K offices around the globe noticed an addition to their office toilet stalls. AKP created a poster to celebrate World Toilet Day, a day designated by the United Nations to get people talking about the huge problem of inadequate sanitation that still persists in much of the world.

We had great participation from A&K offices! In Australia, staff put together of list of the world’s top toilets and created “educational toilet paper.” In Ecuador, the poster was translated to Spanish for more effective communication. In South Africa, staff recognized the privilege of having a toilet with photos using #I’mBlessed!

One in every seven people on the planet, that’s one billion people, still does not have access to a toilet. The inappropriate disposal of human waste leads to numerous health problems and deaths from contaminated food and water sources. Though the problem is a tough one to tackle, AKP is doing what it can to help. In Africa and Asia, we build wells for rural families and communities so that they can have access to clean, uncontaminated water. In schools such as Olopikidong’oe Primary School in Kenya, we have built a girls restroom and shower facility which will not only improve hygiene but will also increase school attendance among girls.

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