Project Monitoring & Evaluation: Cambodia Clean Water Recipients

CAMBODIA | Emily Etue, our Philanthropy Coordinator for SE Asia recently conducted 23 spot-checks of our wells and filters in Siem Reap, Cambodia. We are happy to report that all wells and filters checked were in good working condition and recipients know how to fix the well or who to contact if they ever experience a problem. The recipients shared with Emily incredible stories about how having access to clean water has positively influenced their lives. While we would love to share every update with you, here are a few of the highlights:

Lob Hers Well

 Before the installation of Lob Her’s well and clean water filter, she retrieved water from her neighbor’s contaminated, unfiltered well. While drinking this water, her family would get sick often, but “now that we have the water filter so we don’t get sick and I don’t have stomachaches anymore. It’s very easy for us to get clean water now.” Because of the donation by A&K guests, a total of 11 people use this well and clean water filter, four from her immediate family and seven from her mother’s family.

Hea Pias Well

Currently, Hea Pia’s garden is full of taro, eggplant, banana, mango, pumpkin, cashew, papaya, and lemongrass. Her garden is made possible because she has water to irrigate. Before this garden and the installment of her well and clean water filter two years ago, she went to the neighbor’s ring well for unfiltered, contaminated water. In order to use that water, they had to boil it first before they could drink it. Now after the installation of her well, she says, “the biggest benefit is that it’s easy to get drinking water…and it’s great to have so much food at our fingertips.” Thanks to our A&K guests, who strive to improve the lives and livelihoods of people across the globe.

Heab Reuns Well

Heab Reun and his wife, before the installation of their well in November 2016, got water from their neighbor’s home. However, because his wife cannot walk, the retrieval of clean water became much more challenging for their family. Additionally, his wife spends her time at home babysitting their grandkids while their parents are at work, so any walk too far for Heab could put his wife and grandkids in danger. Now two years after the donation of this well, more than 10 people use the water filter. Heab says, “The biggest benefit is that the water I drink is no longer red!” Guests who traveled with A&K have made this possible through their generosity and kindness.