Safe Water for Schools Initiative Expands to Amboseli National Park

By Stefanie Strothmann, AKP Kenya Coordinator

KENYA | In January 2020, AKP expanded its Safe Water for Schools Initiative to Amboseli National Park. It was an exciting feat, as AKP delivered 89 LifeStraw Community Filters to 20 schools within the Amboseli Region. Each filter is designed to convert contaminated water into safe-clean-drinking water. The importance of this feature was only actualized by the students seeing brown water turn into clear water right before their eyes, a truly heart-warming sight to see! The filter helps prevent waterborne diseases such as diarrhea, typhoid, cholera, worms, and cryptosporidiosis. Alongside this information, students and staff were given messages about the importance of good hygiene habits solidified through repetitive tools that include song and dance.

To date, the Safe Water for Schools Initiative has brought clean drinking water to 26,025 Maasai students in Kenya. We look forward to expanding the Safe Water for Schools Initiative to Laikipia in the near future. This is only made possible by the generous contributions of our donors.